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Are you in Miami, or Broward and do you need post-opt massage?

We are honored to serve you on your upcoming important journey!

Remember that it is important to be precise in filling out your appointment request with us, be clear about the details of logistics, accommodation and dates so that we can make an excellent post-operative recovery together and achieve the expected results.

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Post op massage/Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) (recommends next day after surgery)

Scar Tissue /Fibrosis treatment

Kinesiology tape

Maintenance massages after surgery (suggested after 4 to 5 weeks after surgery)

Wood therapy

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Do not submit a request form if you do not have your location to stay for recovery during surgery, add your hotel name and address; for AIRBNB, add a zip code.

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Yazna Corao aka “The Squeeze Ladies” was the founder of The Squeeze Ladies / Massages by Team now she is a very loved content creator by her community in social media and has since (July 2021) retired to pursue other endeavors. The Squeeze Ladies / Massages by Team continues on as it was built on the founding principles of: education, knowledge, experience and perseverance to provide outstanding quality post-op massage to all our clients near and abroad while following the strict guidelines of the Florida Department of Health. We continue to be fully committed and supportive to all of our current and future patients.