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Our Philosophy



We take pride in utilizing different techniques during the therapy sessions. During our years of experience, we have learned to identify any anomaly on our Dolls helping them to get the best recovery.

We have concluded that you need to share your heart and soul to have a speedy recovery. We are professional, meticulous, reliable, and honest. We share our healing energies, communicate openly and most of all, laugh with our patients. Laughter and friendliness go a long way, especially when someone is not feeling like themselves.

Our patients feel comfortable and confident that they will have one of the best therapists taking care of them.


“THE SQUEEZE LADIES ” are not like any other therapists around.

LMT Licensed Massage Therapists.

Our Story

Our team is made up of experienced and certified professionals. We boast in-depth, specialized knowledge of our services, and are always happy to share our expertise with you. More than just knowledgeable, we’re passionate about what we do. We believe in the restorative benefits of every one of our services, and we want to spread the positive results throughout our community. We’re continually staying up to date with industry developments and new techniques so we can keep our skills at their very best.


Post-Surgical Massages

We offer professional therapeutic massage when you need relief from discomfort following surgery. Our team is trained to take your needs into account and are experts at finding effective solutions. Every treatment we offer is customized to fit your unique body type, which means we always know what areas are giving you the most trouble.

Our Mission & Vision

Improved the lives of countless individuals. We alleviate pain, aid the development of scar tissue, and do away with the psychological and bodily tension that often accompanies surgery.

The Benefits of our services

Our services will come to you and the patient does not have to move from their location.

Release of physical and emotional tension

Faster healing times

Pain reduction

Stress reduction

Improved blood and lymphatic circulation

Improved circulation and blood flow

Better outcomes

Our clients rave about the immediate, concrete health benefits of our services.

Experience reduced stress and increased energy. You may feel like a whole new person when you leave. Recovering from surgery can be a long and arduous process. The Squeeze Ladies help our clients recover their well-being so they can reclaim their quality of life. We provide professional massage therapy tailored to improve your recovery, speed up healing, and minimize pain and stress.

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Post Op Massage - Lymphatic Drainage Manual (LDM) ?

The Post Op Massage - Lymphatic Drainage Manual (LDM) is a specialized massage technique recommended post-surgery to accelerate the recovery period. During a surgical procedure, the lymphatic fluids build up and can pool, which results in swelling. Our techniques help reduce swelling, minimize pain, and bruises eliminate fluid retention, and prevent fibrosis after any cosmetic procedure.

How many Post Op Massage - Lymphatic Drainage Manual (LDM) or post op drainage do I need?

You would need between 3 to 6 Post Op-LDM during the first week, beginning the very next day after surgery unless your doctor advised you otherwise. Keep in mind, every Doll's body responds differently. Some will need more, and some will need less. It just depends on how well your body responds. On average, a Dolls should get between 6 to 12 LDM after surgery.

How long is the Post Op - Lymphatic Drainage Manual?

The Post Op-LDM will last usually 30 min but in some cases could be less. This will all depend on each individual's pain level or some other medical condition that could be counterproductive to the Doll’s health!

What is The Squeeze Ladies mobile service?

The Squeeze Ladies are female Florida license therapists that travel to your location such as home, hotels, airbnb, recovery facilities to provide a therapeutic post and pre surgery massage.

What is included in the service?

The massage therapist travels with her massage table, disposable sheets , gloves , pads , caviwipes , cream and oils to guaranteed the most sanitary service.

How soon I should start the LDM after the surgery?

We recommend getting your first Lymphatic Drainage Manual the very next day after surgery unless your doctor advised you otherwise.

Do I need Post-Op massage with Manual Lymphatic Drainage after a tummy tuck procedure?
Yes, Post-Op massage that includes a MLD after a tummy tuck is essential, and it's crucial to get a knowledgeable therapist on MLD for Tummy tucks. Some of the benefits you will experience with us are reducing swelling, diminished bruising, increasing circulation, and relaxing your back area. The lymphatic massage stimulates the immune system, improving your overall health and increasing your healing rate. The Squeeze Ladies has train all the therapists from her team with her Tummy Tucks MLD technique.
📍 What areas in Miami our team travels.

The Squeeze Ladies team of therapist all female, travel to these Areas:

Coconut Grove | Coral Gables | Downtown Miami | Brickell | *Key Biscayne | Little Havana | *South Beach | Design District | Wynwood | Pinecrest | *Miami Beach | *Aventura | *Bal Harbour | Edgewater | Kendall | *Sunny Isles Beach | *Bay Harbor Beach | *Surfside | South Miami | Upper East Side | Little Haiti | Doral | Palmetto Bay | *North Miami | Homestead

*Extra charge may apply.

We travel to BROWARD with an extra charge for travel fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@thesqueezeladies.com  

What do clients think about us?

Belle Alzerreca

After having my tummy tuck and breast lift I did not feel like getting massages. After my surgeons office pushed and pushed I finally scheduled and am soo glad I did! The massages made me feel better and gave me the energy I needed to get up and do the walking my surgeon required of me. The squeeze ladies were amazing! I was lucky to have Maria most of the time! She was so amazing! Definitely my favorite! They came to my condo everyday. Very patient kind and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone! I'm so grateful they were there. I don't think I could've gotten up to go somewhere those first few days. I'm glad they always came to me. Thank you Sqeezeladies!

Brittany Brown

Traveled from Michigan to have my tummy tuck done in Miami and chose The Squeeze Ladies for aftercare massages based on their incredible reviews...I got 4 massages total and had a different girl for each massage. They were all absolutely amazing, I can't say enough positive things about these ladies. My last massage was with Wanxa and it was by far the best massage I've had both here and back in Michigan. If you're looking for lymphatic drainage massages following a tummy tuck, definitely go with them!

Yevelys Castaneda

The squeeze ladies were awesome! They gave me so much information I didn't have and knew. They were all so nice I had 3 different girls and they were all wonderful and very patient with me thru the whole process ! Highly recommend!


Thank you so much to the amazing squeeze ladies for once again taking such amazing care of me. This is my second round of surgeries and second time going through the squeeze ladies. It was a no brainier! I highly recommend them to everybody!!

Tamie Garcia-Cata

All the ladies are excellent. They're all full of knowledge very understanding especially when you're going through such a difficult time The Squeeze Ladies where are the best part of my mommy makeover the massages are very therapeutic. I highly recommend them you're making a huge mistake if you don't go with The
Squeeze Ladies not everyone will take care of you the way that they do.